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Returns a list of system stores for a system


    static void GetAvailableStores(TElStringList Stores, TSBStorageAccessType AccessType);

    Shared Sub GetAvailableStores(ByVal Stores As TElStringList, ByVal AccessType As TSBStorageAccessType)

    class procedure GetAvailableStores(Stores : TStrings);

    static void GetAvailableStores(TStrings &Stores, TSBStorageAccessType AccessType);
    static void GetAvailableStores(TStrings *Stores, TSBStorageAccessType AccessType);

    void GetAvailableStores(TStrings $Stores, integer $AccessType)

    static void getAvailableStores(TElWinCertStorage> this, TElStringList Stores, TSBStorageAccessType AccessType);


  • Self - you should always pass null as this parameter.
  • Stores - The TStrings descendant where to put names of the system stores
  • AccessType - ...
  • this -

Possible AccessType values:


    Use this method to obtain the names of local system certificate stores. Note that GetAvailableStores enumerates the system storages only. It doesn't enumerate registry, memory or LDAP storages.

See also:     GetAvailablePhysicalStores    

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