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TElWinAzureDataStorageListState Constructor


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Creates an instance of TElWinAzureDataStorageListState class and returns a reference to the newly created instance.


    TElWinAzureDataStorageListState(string ContainerName, string SharedAccessSignature, string Prefix, string Delimiter, TElStringList Prefixes, bool IncludeSnapshots, bool IncludeMetadata, bool IncludeUncommittedBlobs, TElStringList Headers);

    Sub New(ByVal ContainerName As String, ByVal SharedAccessSignature As String, ByVal Prefix As String, ByVal Delimiter As String, ByVal Prefixes As TElStringList, ByVal IncludeSnapshots As Boolean, ByVal IncludeMetadata As Boolean, ByVal IncludeUncommittedBlobs As Boolean, ByVal Headers As TElStringList)

    constructor Create(const ContainerName : string; const SharedAccessSignature : string; const Prefix : string; const Delimiter : string; Prefixes : TStringList; IncludeSnapshots, IncludeMetadata, IncludeUncommittedBlobs : boolean; Headers : TStringList);

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    public TElWinAzureDataStorageListState();
    public TElWinAzureDataStorageListState(String ContainerName, String SharedAccessSignature, String Prefix, String Delimiter, TElStringList Prefixes, boolean IncludeSnapshots, boolean IncludeMetadata, boolean IncludeUncommittedBlobs, TElStringList Headers);


  • ContainerName - name of the data container.
  • Delimiter - specifies the delimiter parameter of the request. If the delimiter parameter is present in the request, the response will contain a BlobPrefix element, which will include all blobs whose names begin with prefix up to the appearance of the delimiter character (string).
  • Headers - contains the headers of the HTTP request.
  • IncludeMetadata - specifies if the blob metadata should be included in the response.
  • IncludeSnapshots - specifies if the snapshots should be included to the enumeration.
  • IncludeUncommittedBlobs - specifies if blobs for which blocks have been uploaded, but which have not been committed using Put Block List (REST API), should be included to the response.
  • Prefix - specifies blob name prefix.
  • Prefixes - contains the BlobPrefix element of the response (if the delimiter was specified in the request).
  • SharedAccessSignature - contains the Shared Access Signature (SAS).


    Use this method to create new instance of TElWinAzureDataStorageListState class.

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