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Allocates space for data object.


    void SetObjectAllocatedSize(string ContainerName, string Name, long Value);

    Sub SetObjectAllocatedSize(ByVal ContainerName As String, ByVal Name As String, ByVal Value As Long)

    procedure SetObjectAllocatedSize(const ContainerName : string; const Name : string; Value : Int64);

    void SetObjectAllocatedSize(const std::string &ContainerName, const std::string &Name, int64_t Value);

    void SetObjectAllocatedSize(string $ContainerName, string $Name, integer $Value)

    void setObjectAllocatedSize(String ContainerName, String Name, long Value);


  • ContainerName - name of the container with object
  • Name - name of the object
  • Value - specifies how much space must be allocated


    Use this method to set object allocated size.

See also:     GetObjectAllocatedSize    

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