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Specifies the WebSocket protocol frame length.


    int FrameLength;

    Property FrameLength As Integer

    property FrameLength : integer;

    int32_t get_FrameLength();
    void set_FrameLength(int32_t Value);

    integer get_FrameLength()
    void set_FrameLength(integer $Value)

    int getFrameLength();
    void setFrameLength(int Value);


    Each WebSocket message consists of one or more parts, or frames. Each frame belonging to the same message contains the same type of data. A frame may contain text, binary or control data. Six frame types are defined in RFC 6455, and ten are reserved for future use. Use this property to get or set the default size of a frame in bytes. The default value is 1024 bytes, or 1 kbyte.

See also:     SendData    

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