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Gracefully closes the WebSocket connection.


    void Close(bool Silent);
    void Close(bool Silent, int CloseDescription);

    Sub Close(ByVal Silent As Boolean)
    Sub Close(ByVal Silent As Boolean, ByVal CloseDescription As Integer)

    procedure Close(Silent : boolean);
    procedure Close(Silent : boolean; CloseDescription : integer);

    void Close(bool Silent);
    void Close(bool Silent, int32_t CloseDescription);

    void Close(bool $Silent)
    void Close(bool $Silent, integer $CloseDescription)

    void close(boolean Silent);
    void close(boolean Silent, int CloseDescription);


  • Silent - specifies whether the closure notification should be sent to the peer.
  • CloseDescription - specifies the close reason or a status code, as defined in RFC 6455.

WebSocket status codes:


    Call this method to close the WebSocket connection. If Silent parameter is False, a Close frame will be sent to another endpoint of the connection.

See also:     Active     OnCloseConnection    

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