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Puts a lock on the object.


    Function Lock(ByVal Scope As TSBWebDAVLockScope, ByVal Depth As TSBWebDAVDepth, ByVal Timeout As Integer) As TElWebDAVLock

    function Lock(const Scope : TSBWebDAVLockScope = 0; const Depth : TSBWebDAVDepth = 2; const Timeout : integer = 0) : TElWebDAVLock;

    TElWebDAVLock Lock(integer $Scope, integer $Depth, integer $Timeout)


  • Scope - specifies the lock scope.
  • Depth - specifies the lock depth.
  • Timeout - specifies the lock timeout.

Scope values:

Depth values:

Return value

    Returns the lock object.


    Use this property to put a new lock on the object.

See also:     Unlock     Locks    

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