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Retrieves the attached certificate type handler used for TLS communication.


    TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler GetCertTypeHandler(TElSSLCertificateType CertType);

    Function GetCertTypeHandler(ByVal CertType As TElSSLCertificateType) As TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler

    function GetCertTypeHandler(CertType : TElSSLCertificateType) : TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler;

    TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler GetCertTypeHandler(integer $CertType)


  • CertType - type of the certificates for which the handler is needed.

Certificate types:

Return value

    Returns the certificate type handler for the given certificate type.


    Use this method to retrieve the attached certificate type handler.

See also:     AddCertTypeHandler     RemoveCertTypeHandler    

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