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Attaches a certificate type handler for TLS communication.


    void AddCertTypeHandler(TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler Handler);

    Sub AddCertTypeHandler(ByVal Handler As TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler)

    procedure AddCertTypeHandler(Handler : TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler);

    void AddCertTypeHandler(TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler &Handler);
    void AddCertTypeHandler(TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler *Handler);

    void AddCertTypeHandler(TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler $Handler)

    void addCertTypeHandler(TElSSLCertificateTypeHandler Handler);


  • Handler - the handler to be attached.


    Use this method to attach a certificate type handler, such as OpenPGP handler, for TLS communication. When the handler is attached, you can use alternative authentication methods that use this handler. Note that when you attach an OpenPGP handler, OpenPGP authentication is used automatically.

See also:     GetCertTypeHandler     RemoveCertTypeHandler    

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