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Finishes decryption of the data blocks.


    void FinalizeDecryption(ref byte[] OutBuffer, int OutIndex, ref int OutSize);

    Sub FinalizeDecryption(ByRef OutBuffer As Byte(), ByVal OutIndex As Integer, ByRef OutSize As Integer)

    procedure Decrypt(OutBuffer : pointer; var OutSize : integer); virtual;

    void FinalizeDecryption(void * OutBuffer, int32_t &OutSize);

    void FinalizeDecryption(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $OutBuffer, integer &$OutSize)

    int finalizeDecryption(byte[][] OutBuffer, int OutIndex, int OutSize);
    byte[] finalizeDecryption(int OutSize);


  • Buffer -
  • OutBuffer - reference to buffer where decrypted data should be stored.
  • OutIndex - Offset in the output array, starting from which the data is written.
  • OutSize - Size of available space in OutBuffer in bytes.


    Use this method when you decrypted several blocks of data using DecryptUpdate and now you need to obtain the ending part of the decrypted data.

See also:     InitializeDecryption     DecryptUpdate    

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