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Receives data from a connected Socket.


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  • buffer - storage location for the received data.
  • offset - the location in buffer to store the received data.
  • size - The number of bytes to receive
  • socketFlags - a bitwise combination of the SocketFlags values

Socket flags values:

Return value

    The number of bytes received.


    The Blocking parameter determines the behavior of this method when no incoming data is available. When False, a SocketException is thrown. When True, this method blocks and waits for data to arrive.
    If you specify the Peek flag as the socketFlags parameter, the available data is copied into the receive buffer but not removed from the system buffer. If you specify the OutOfBand flag as the socketFlags parameter and the Socket is configured for in-line reception of out-of-band (OOB) data (using OutOfBandInline) and OOB data is available, Receive will return only OOB data. The OOB data is a logically independent transmission channel associated with each pair of connected stream sockets. This data is delivered with higher priority and independently of the normal data.
    Please note that you should not call this method for SSLSocket class but for derived classes only.

See also:     Blocking     Send    

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