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Specifies the session pool where information about established sessions is stored.


    TElSessionPool SessionPool;

    Property SessionPool As TElSessionPool

    property SessionPool : TElSessionPool;

    TElSessionPool* get_SessionPool();
    void set_SessionPool(TElSessionPool &Value);
    void set_SessionPool(TElSessionPool *Value);

    TElSessionPool get_SessionPool()
    void set_SessionPool(TElSessionPool $Value)

    TElSessionPool getSessionPool();
    void setSessionPool(TElSessionPool SessionPool);


  • SessionPool -


    This property defines the storage where TElSSLServer should store information about established sessions. You can use many TElSSLServer components to access one TElSessionPool object. Session pool is used to let the clients join and resume sessions.

See also:     TElSessionPool    

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