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Specifies whether client authentication (certificate request) is enabled


    bool ClientAuthentication;

    Property ClientAuthentication As Boolean

    property ClientAuthentication : boolean;

    bool get_ClientAuthentication();
    void set_ClientAuthentication(bool Value);

    bool get_ClientAuthentication()
    void set_ClientAuthentication(bool $Value)

    boolean getClientAuthentication();
    void setClientAuthentication(boolean Value);


    This property defines whether server should request the client's certificate. If the client doesn't have certificate, server actions depend on AuthenticationLevel property value. If the client has one, the OnCertificateValidate event is fired. Then the InternalValidate method can be called to obtain the certificate validity options.
    Client authentication is used very rarely. Use this option in the case when you are sure that all clients have certificates.

See also:     InternalValidate     ClientCertStorage    

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