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TElSSLOCSPStatusRequest class

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    This class describes certificate validation responders.

    The following paragraph is taken from RFC 3546:

    « Constrained clients may wish to use a certificate-status protocol such as OCSP [OCSP]to check the validity of server certificates, in order to avoid transmission of CRLs and therefore save bandwidth on constrained networks. This extension allows for such information to be sent in the TLS handshake, saving roundtrips and resources.


     In the OCSPStatusRequest, the "ResponderIDs" provides a list of OCSP responders that the client trusts. A zero-length "responder_id_list" sequence has the special meaning that the responders are implicitly known to the server - e.g., by prior arrangement. "Extensions" is a DER encoding of OCSP request extensions. »


Declared in

  • Namespace: SBSSLCommon
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.SSLCommon
  • Unit: SBSSLCommon
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.SSLCommon.jar
  • sbsslcommon.h

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