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Specifies whether secure session is established before sending the data.


    bool Enabled;

    Property Enabled As Boolean

    property Enabled : boolean;

    bool get_Enabled();
    void set_Enabled(bool Value);

    bool get_Enabled()
    void set_Enabled(bool $Value)

    boolean getEnabled();
    void setEnabled(boolean Value);


    This property defines the way TElSSLClient establishes session. When TElSSLClient is enabled, it performs it's job i.e. establishes SSL/TLS session and encrypts data. When Enabled is False, TElSSLClient passes thedata unchanged. This lets the application call the same methods regardless on whether the secure or regular session is established.
    Example: when the socket is used for HTTP transfer, the application can use TElSSLClient's method both for HTTPS and plain HTTP sessions by enabling or disabling TElSSLClient accordingly.
    It is possible to change the Enabled state in the middle of the session, thus turning SSL on or off. This is useful when supporting explicit SSL in certain high-level protocols.

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