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This method closes the logical connection to server


    void Close(bool FlushCachedData);
    void Close(int ExitStatus, bool FlushCachedData);
    void Close(string ExitSignal, string ExitMessage, bool FlushCachedData);

    Sub Close(ByVal FlushCachedData As Boolean)
    Sub Close(ByVal ExitStatus As Integer, ByVal FlushCachedData As Boolean)
    Sub Close(ByVal ExitSignal As String, ByVal ExitMessage As String, ByVal FlushCachedData As Boolean)

    procedure Close;

    void Close(bool FlushCachedData);
    void Close(int32_t ExitStatus, bool FlushCachedData);
    void Close(const std::string &ExitSignal, const std::string &ExitMessage, bool FlushCachedData);

    void Close(bool $FlushCachedData)
    void Close(integer $ExitStatus, bool $FlushCachedData)
    void Close(string $ExitSignal, string $ExitMessage, bool $FlushCachedData)

    void close(boolean FlushCachedData);
    void close(int ExitStatus, boolean FlushCachedData);
    void close(String ExitSignal, String ExitMessage, boolean FlushCachedData);


  • FlushCachedData - ...
  • ExitStatus - ...
  • ExitSignal - ...
  • ExitMessage - ...


    Use this method to close the logical connection to server. After calling this method no more data should be sent to server through this logical connection.

See also:     OnClose    

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