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TElSSHSubsystemThread Constructor

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Creates new instance of TElSSHSubsystemThread class


    Sub New(ByVal Cls As TElCustomSSHSubsystemHandler, ByVal Connection As TElSSHTunnelConnection, ByVal CreateSuspended As Boolean)

    constructor Create(Cls: TElSSHSubsystemHandlerClass; Connection: TElSSHTunnelConnection; CreateSuspended: boolean);

    not available

    not available

    public TElSSHSubsystemThread(TElCustomSSHSubsystemHandler Cls, TElSSHTunnelConnection Connection, boolean CreateSuspended);
    public TElSSHSubsystemThread(boolean CreateSuspended);
    public TElSSHSubsystemThread();


  • Cls - [Pascal] handler class type (for example TElSftpSubsystemHandler)
    [.NET] an instance of TElCustomSSHSubsystemHandler descendant, created using constructor(Connection, Delayed) with Delayed parameter set to true
  • Connection - TElSSHTunnelConnection object received from TElSSHServer
  • CreateSuspended - specifies if the thread is created suspended. Suspended thread has to be started manually with Resume() method.


    This method creates the instance of TElSSHSubsystemThread class.

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