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Specifies priorities of different authentication types.


    int AuthTypePriorities[int Index];

    Property AuthTypePriorities(ByVal Index As Integer) As Integer

    property AuthTypePriorities[Index: integer]: integer;

    int32_t get_AuthTypePriorities(int32_t Index);
    void set_AuthTypePriorities(int32_t Index, int32_t Value);

    integer get_AuthTypePriorities(integer $Index)
    void set_AuthTypePriorities(integer $Index, integer $Value)

    void setAuthTypePriorities(int Index, int Value);


  • Index - index of the desired authentication type

Authentication types


    Use this property to get or set priorities of various authentication types. The higher this value is, the more preferred is the authentication type.

See also:     SSHAuthOrder    

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