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TElSSHPublicKeyClient class

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TElSSHPublicKeyClient provides client-side functionality for public keys remote managing.


    TElSSHPublicKeyClient provides methods for public keys remote managing on server. There are 4 commands for interaction with server, provided with Add, Remove, List and ListAttributes methods. This class is asynchronous so each method returns control to the user immediately. After request finished OnStatus event notifies about it. Only one request can be processed at any moment of time, so you have to wait for the OnStatus event corresponding to the previous request before performing the next one.

    To add public-key subsystem support to your application you have to bind TElSSHPublicKeyClient object to TElSubsystemSSHTunnel object (see Tunnel property) which in turn binds to the TElSSHClient object. Note that however standard supposes 'publickey' as subsystem name, some existing implementations use 'publickey@vandyke.com' as its name. You can set subsystem name via Subsystem property.

     Note, public-key subsystem manages keys independently for each user, thus a particular user cannot access keys added by other ones.




Declared in

  • Namespace: SBSSHPubKeyClient
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.SSHClient
  • Unit: SBSSHPubKeyClient
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.SSHClient.jar
  • sbsshpubkeyclient.h


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