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This method imports PGP keys.


    void Import(TElPGPPublicKey PubKey);
    void Import(TElPGPSecretKey SecKey);
    void Import(TElX509Certificate Certificate);

    Sub Import(ByVal PubKey As TElPGPPublicKey)
    Sub Import(ByVal SecKey As TElPGPSecretKey)
    Sub Import(ByVal Certificate As TElX509Certificate)

    procedure Import(PubKey: TElPGPPublicKey); overload;
    procedure Import(SecKey: TElPGPSecretKey); overload;

    void Import(TElPGPPublicKey &PubKey);
    void Import(TElPGPPublicKey *PubKey);
    void Import(TElPGPSecretKey &SecKey);
    void Import(TElPGPSecretKey *SecKey);

    void Import(TElPGPPublicKey $PubKey)
    void Import(TElPGPSecretKey $SecKey)
    void Import(TElX509Certificate $Certificate)

    void import(TElPGPSecretKey SecKey);
    void import(TElPGPPublicKey PubKey);


  • PubKey - public part of the key
  • SecKey - secret part of the key
  • Certificate - ...


    Use this method to import public or secret part of the PGP key.

See also:     PGPPublicKey     PGPSecretKey    

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