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This method loads public keys to the storage.


    int LoadPublic(System.IO.Stream F, int Count);
    int LoadPublic(string Filename);

    Function LoadPublic(ByVal F As System.IO.Stream, ByVal Count As Integer) As Integer
    Function LoadPublic(ByVal Filename As String) As Integer

    function LoadPublic(F : TStream; Count : integer = 0) : integer; virtual;
    function LoadPublic(const Filename : string) : integer; virtual;

    int32_t LoadPublic(TStream &F, int32_t Count);
    int32_t LoadPublic(TStream *F, int32_t Count);
    int32_t LoadPublic(const std::string &Filename);

    integer LoadPublic(TStream $F, integer $Count)
    integer LoadPublic(string $Filename)

    int loadPublic(TElStream arg0, int arg1);
    int loadPublic(InputStream arg0, int arg1);
    int loadPublic(String arg0);


  • F - buffer which contains public keys
  • Count - Number of bytes to read from F buffer
  • Filename - name of the file which contains public keys

Return value

    0 - on success.
    Error code otherwise.


    Use this method to load public keys from the file or memory buffer.

See also:     SavePublic    

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