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Specifies whether UTF-8 conversion should be used for data sent by the client.


    bool UseUTF8;

    Property UseUTF8 As Boolean

    property UseUTF8 : boolean;

    bool get_UseUTF8();
    void set_UseUTF8(bool Value);

    bool get_UseUTF8()
    void set_UseUTF8(bool $Value)

    boolean getUseUTF8();
    void setUseUTF8(boolean Value);


    Use this property to specify, whether all SSH commands and shell data exchanged between SSH client and server should be converted to UTF-8. If this property is set to True, SecureBlackbox expects, that all data coming from SSH server is UTF-8 encoded.

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Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum