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This property contains a list of user's host keys


    TElSSHCustomKeyStorage KeyStorage;

    Property KeyStorage As TElSSHCustomKeyStorage

    property KeyStorage : TElSSHCustomKeyStorage;

    TElSSHCustomKeyStorage* get_KeyStorage();
    void set_KeyStorage(TElSSHCustomKeyStorage &Value);
    void set_KeyStorage(TElSSHCustomKeyStorage *Value);

    TElSSHCustomKeyStorage get_KeyStorage()
    void set_KeyStorage(TElSSHCustomKeyStorage $Value)

    TElSSHCustomKeyStorage getKeyStorage();
    void setKeyStorage(TElSSHCustomKeyStorage Storage);


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    This property should contain a list of user's host keys. Host keys are needed by Rhosts, Public Key and Hostbased authentication types (the client host is authenticated using these keys). Set this property before calling the Open method.

Note, that SSH client will iterate through the list of keys until the key which the server "knows" will be found. Every "unknown" key will fire a OnAuthenticationFailed event.

See also:     TElSSHCustomKeyStorage     TElSSHMemoryKeyStorage    

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