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Specifies whether authentication is used when connecting to SOCKS server.


    TElSocksAuthentication SocksAuthentication;

    Property SocksAuthentication As TElSocksAuthentication

    property SocksAuthentication : TElSocksAuthentication;

    TElSocksAuthentication get_SocksAuthentication();
    void set_SocksAuthentication(TElSocksAuthentication Value);

    integer get_SocksAuthentication()
    void set_SocksAuthentication(integer $Value)

    int getSocksAuthentication();
    void setSocksAuthentication(int Value);

Possible values:


    This property specifies the method of authentication to use with the SOCKS server. The methods supported are "do not authenticate" and "authenticate using UserCode and Password". This property is used only when UseSocks is set.

See also:     UseSocks     SocksPassword     SocksPort     SocksServer     SocksVersion     SocksUserCode     SocksResolveAddress    

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