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Checks if the data can be received.


    bool CanReceive(int WaitTime);

    Function CanReceive(ByVal WaitTime As Integer) As Boolean

    function CanReceive(WaitTime : integer := 0) : boolean;

    bool CanReceive(int32_t WaitTime);

    bool CanReceive(integer $WaitTime)

    boolean canReceive(int WaitTime);


  • WaitTime - Time in milliseconds to wait. The value set to -1 means infinite waiting, set to 0 means no waiting at all.


    Use this method to check whether there's any data available to be received. Set WaitTime parameter to time, which the call will wait, if there's no data available at the moment. Set WaitTime to 0 for no wait and to -1 to wait until the data appears, the socket is closed or error happens.

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