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Sets priority of specific SASL authorization method


    int SASLMechanismPriorities[string Name];

    Property SASLMechanismPriorities(ByVal Name As String) As Integer

    property SASLMechanismPriorities[Name : string] : integer;

    int32_t get_SASLMechanismPriorities(const std::string &Name);
    void set_SASLMechanismPriorities(const std::string &Name, int32_t Value);

    integer get_SASLMechanismPriorities(string $Name)
    void set_SASLMechanismPriorities(string $Name, integer $Value)


  • Name - the name of the mechanism for which the priority is set or retrieved
  • Value - specifies the priority of the method


    Use this property to set the order of authorization methods when several mechanisms are allowed. The mechanism with higher priority value is considered more preferred.

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