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Specifies notification mode for DSN.


    TSBSMTPDSNOptions DSNOptions;

    Property DSNOptions As TSBSMTPDSNOptions

    property DSNOptions: TSBSMTPDSNOptions;
    TSBSMTPDSNOptions = set of TSBSMTPDSNOption.

    TSBSMTPDSNOptions get_DSNOptions();
    void set_DSNOptions(TSBSMTPDSNOptions Value);

    integer get_DSNOptions()
    void set_DSNOptions(integer $Value)

    short getDSNOptions();
    void setDSNOptions(short Value);

TSBSMTPDSNOption values:

TSBSMTPDSNOptions values


    Each bit in this set of options switches on or off notifications with certain status. For instance, you can only enable notifications for messages which delivery has failed.

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