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Encrypts the block of data


    int Sign(byte[] InBuffer, ref byte[] OutBuffer, ref int OutSize, bool Detached /* = false */);

    Function Sign(ByVal InBuffer As Byte(), ByRef OutBuffer As Byte(), ByRef OutSize As Integer, ByVal Detached As Boolean = False) As Integer

    function Sign(InBuffer: Pointer; InSize: Integer; OutBuffer: Pointer; var OutSize: Integer; Detached: Boolean = False): Integer;

    int32_t Sign(void * InBuffer, int32_t InSize, void * OutBuffer, int32_t &OutSize, bool Detached);
    int32_t Sign(TStream &InStream, TStream &OutStream, bool Detached, int64_t InCount);
    int32_t Sign(TStream *InStream, TStream *OutStream, bool Detached, int64_t InCount);

    integer Sign(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $InBuffer, integer $InSize, TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $OutBuffer, integer &$OutSize, bool $Detached)
    integer Sign(TStream $InStream, TStream $OutStream, bool $Detached, integer $InCount)


  • InBuffer - Pointer to data to sign
  • InSize - Size of input data in bytes
  • OutBuffer - Pointer to buffer where signed data should be written
  • OutSize - Size of OutBuffer in bytes
  • Detached - Specifies whether the detached signature should be created instead of ┬źnormal┬╗ one
  • InStream - ...
  • OutStream - ...
  • InCount - ...

Return value

    0 if the signing process was completed successfully.
    one of the following error codes otherwise,


    Use this method to sign blocks of data. Block of data is signed using each certificate from CertStorage, which has the corresponding private key. All certificates from storage are included in the output signed message.

     Note,  that some certificates from storage may not have the corresponding private keys. These certificates are included in signed message too.

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