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This event is fired when an address of the host should be resolved.


    event TSBDNSResolveEvent OnDNSResolve;
    delegate void TSBDNSResolveEvent(Object Sender, string HostName, TElDNSResourceRecordSet Response, int ResolveResult, byte SecurityStatus);

    Event OnDNSResolve As TSBDNSResolveEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBDNSResolveEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal HostName As String, ByVal Response As TElDNSResourceRecordSet, ByVal ResolveResult As Integer, ByVal SecurityStatus As Byte)

    property OnDNSResolve : TSBDNSResolveEvent;
    TSBDNSResolveEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; const HostName : string; Response : TElDNSResourceRecordSet; ResolveResult : Integer; SecurityStatus : TSBDNSSecurityStatus) of object;

    not available

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  • HostName - name of the host to be resolved
  • Response - resource record received from the resolver
  • ResolveResult - DNS resolution result
  • SecurityStatus - security status of the DNS resource record set



    This event is fired by TElSimpleSSLClient when DNS resolving has been performed.

See also:     OnDNSKeyNeeded     OnDNSKeyValidate     DNS    

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