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This event is fired when a key should be validated.


    event TSBDNSKeyValidateEvent OnDNSKeyValidate;
    delegate void TSBDNSKeyValidateEvent(Object Sender, TElDNSPublicKeyRecord Key, ref bool Valid);

    Event OnDNSKeyValidate As TSBDNSKeyValidateEvent
    Delegate Sub TSBDNSKeyValidateEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Key As TElDNSPublicKeyRecord, ByRef Valid As Boolean)

    property OnDNSKeyValidate : TSBDNSKeyValidateEvent;
    TSBDNSKeyValidateEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; var Key : TElDNSPublicKeyRecord; var Valid : boolean) of object;

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  • Key - the key that needs to be validated
  • Valid - set this parameter to True if the key is valid, and to False otherwise


    This event is fired by TElSimpleSSLClient when a key needs to be validated. Provide the validation result via Valid parameter.

See also:     OnDNSKeyNeeded     OnDNSResolve     DNS    

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