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Timeout for socket operations.


    int SocketTimeout;

    Property SocketTimeout As Integer

    property SocketTimeout: Integer;

    int32_t get_SocketTimeout();
    void set_SocketTimeout(int32_t Value);

    integer get_SocketTimeout()
    void set_SocketTimeout(integer $Value)


    Specifies maximum time of inactivity after which socket operation is canceled and is considered as expired.
    If you try to connect, read or write something from/to socket and the attempt is unsuccessful for specified number of milliseconds the operation is canceled with timeout error. The property is used, when internal socket (see UseInternalSocket) is used.
    If this property value is 0, the operation will expire after system-default timeout (which is 2 hrs 8 min for TCP stack).
    Default value is 60000 ms (1 min).

See also:     UseInternalSocket    

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