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This property specifies encryption algorithms which can be used during the SSH connection


    bool EncryptionAlgorithms[short Index];

    Property EncryptionAlgorithms(ByVal Index As Short) As Boolean

    property EncryptionAlgorithms[Index : TSSHEncryptionAlgorithm] : boolean;
    TSSHEncryptionAlgorithm = SSH_EA_FIRST..SSH_EA_LAST;

    bool get_EncryptionAlgorithms(uint8_t Index);
    void set_EncryptionAlgorithms(uint8_t Index, bool Value);

    bool get_EncryptionAlgorithms(integer $Index)
    void set_EncryptionAlgorithms(integer $Index, bool $Value)

    not available


  • Index - index of the encryption algorithm.
  • Value - enable or disable the desired algorithm



    Set this property before calling the Open method to specify the enabled block encryption algorithms. By default, all encryption algorithms are enabled.
Note, that not all of these algorithms are supported by SSHv1 protocol.

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