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Specifies whether UTF8 conversion is to be used when parsing file names received from the server.


    bool UseUTF8;

    Property UseUTF8 As Boolean

    property UseUTF8 : boolean;

    bool get_UseUTF8();
    void set_UseUTF8(bool Value);

    bool get_UseUTF8()
    void set_UseUTF8(bool $Value)

    boolean getUseUTF8();
    void setUseUTF8(boolean Value);


    This property specifies whether UTF-8 encoding should be used when processing file names. If UseUTF8 is True, SecureBlackbox expects the filenames to be encoded in UTF-8 (it is the approach used by current SecureBlackbox version). Set UseUTF8 to False if you connect to server that does not support UTF8 (e.g., OpenSSH). In this case the file names will be interpreted in the default character set.

See also:     UseUTF8OnV3    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum