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Specifies whether to use the 'truncate' flag on file upload.


    bool UseTruncateFlagOnUpload;

    Property UseTruncateFlagOnUpload As Boolean

    property UseTruncateFlagOnUpload: Boolean;

    bool get_UseTruncateFlagOnUpload();
    void set_UseTruncateFlagOnUpload(bool Value);

    bool get_UseTruncateFlagOnUpload()
    void set_UseTruncateFlagOnUpload(bool $Value)

    boolean getUseTruncateFlagOnUpload();
    void setUseTruncateFlagOnUpload(boolean Value);


    If this property is True, existing files are opened truncated on upload, otherwise a new file is created. The default value is True.
    This property corresponds to fmTruncate mode defined by TSBSftpFileOpenMode.

See also:     TSBSftpFileOpenMode     UploadFile    

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