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Defines whether the block sizes and pipeline length is adjusted for optimal performance.


    bool AutoAdjustTransferBlock;

    Property AutoAdjustTransferBlock As Boolean

    property AutoAdjustTransferBlock : Boolean;

    bool get_AutoAdjustTransferBlock();
    void set_AutoAdjustTransferBlock(bool Value);

    bool get_AutoAdjustTransferBlock()
    void set_AutoAdjustTransferBlock(bool $Value)

    boolean getAutoAdjustTransferBlock();
    void setAutoAdjustTransferBlock(boolean Value);


    Use this property to enable or disable automatic adjustment of pipeline length and block sizes. By default automatic adjustment is enabled, and normally you don't need to disable it.

See also:     PipelineLength     DownloadBlockSize     UploadBlockSize     OnBlockTransferPrepared    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum