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Moves current file pointer to the specified text line.


    void TextSeek(byte[] Handle, long LineNumber);

    Sub TextSeek(ByVal Handle As Byte(), ByVal LineNumber As Long)

    procedure TextSeek(const Handle: TSBSftpFileHandle; LineNumber: Int64);
    type TSBSftpFileHandle = ByteArray;

    void TextSeek(const std::vector<uint8_t> &Handle, int64_t LineNumber);

    void TextSeek(array of byte|string|NULL $Handle, integer $LineNumber)

    void textSeek(byte[] Handle, long LineNumber);


  • Handle - handle to opened file, returned by OpenFile orCreateFileevent
  • LineNumber - the number of text line which pointer must be moved to.


    This method moves pointer to the specified line of text. Works only with text files.
    In case of error, EElSFTPError exception containing SFTP error code, is raised. For more information on error handling, please read the corresponding how-to article.
    This method is supported only by SFTP version 4 and later

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