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Reads the target of a symbolic link


    void ReadSymLink(string Path, TElSftpFileInfo Info);

    Sub ReadSymLink(ByVal Path As String, ByVal Info As TElSftpFileInfo)

    procedure ReadSymLink(const Path: string; Info : TElSftpFileInfo);

    void ReadSymLink(const std::string &Path, TElSftpFileInfo &Info);
    void ReadSymLink(const std::string &Path, TElSftpFileInfo *Info);

    void ReadSymLink(string $Path, TElSftpFileInfo $Info)


  • Path - path to symbolic link
  • Info - information about file on which symbolic link points


    Use this method to read the target of symbolic link specified by Path parameter.
    In case of error, EElSFTPError exception containing SFTP error code, is raised. For more information on error handling, please read the corresponding how-to article.

See also:     CreateSymLink    

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