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Copies a remote file into the selected destination.


    void CopyRemoteFile(string Source, string Destination, bool Overwrite);

    Sub CopyRemoteFile(ByVal Source As String, ByVal Destination As String, ByVal Overwrite As Boolean)

    procedure CopyRemoteFile(Source, Destination : string; Overwrite : boolean);

    void CopyRemoteFile(const std::string &Source, const std::string &Destination, bool Overwrite);

    void CopyRemoteFile(string $Source, string $Destination, bool $Overwrite)

    void copyRemoteFile(String Source, String Destination, boolean Overwrite);


  • Source - file to be copied
  • Destination - where the file should be copied
  • Overwrite - specifies whether to overwrite file with the same name if it exists


    Use this method to copy a remote file from one location into another.
    In case of error, EElSFTPError exception containing the SFTP error code, is raised. For more information on error handling, please read the corresponding how-to article.

See also:     CopyRemoteData    

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