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TElSimpleSFTPClient class

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TElSimpleSFTPClient provides client-side functionality for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol).


     TElSimpleSFTPClient is an implementation for SSH File Transfer Protocol. It works over secure SSH channel (and has nothing common with FTP protocol). SFTP works as a subsystem of SSHv2 protocol, i.e. SFTP negotiation flow is the following:

  • TCP connection is established
  • Secure SSH connection is established
  • SFTP handshake is performed over SSH channel
To add SFTP support to your product you should perform the following sequence of operations:
  • Create the instance of TElSimpleSFTPClient class.
  • Set up the TElSimpleSFTPClient (specify address/port, authentication parameters etc.).
  • Call TElSimpleSFTPClient.Open method. Please note that this method is synchronous (i.e. it will return when the connection is established or the error happens during connection attempt).
After SFTP connection is successfully started, you may perform any necessary file operations. The TElSimpleSFTPClient implementation is synchronous.

To use external socket class set UseInternalSocket property to False and use OnSend/ OnReceive events. To let TElSimpleSFTPClient use internal socket just set values for Address and Port properties.

See Increasing SFTP speed article for details about how to achieve maximum data transfer speed.

This component supports FIPS compliant mode. For more information, read the corresponding article.




Declared in

  • Namespace: SBSimpleSFTP
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.SFTP
  • Unit: SBSimpleSFTP
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.SFTP.jar
  • sbsimplesftp.h


To use this class in the development and distribution of your software projects, you need to purchase one of the following licenses:

SFTPBlackbox client-only OR SFTPBlackbox client-server OR SecureBlackbox Transports OR SecureBlackbox Standard OR SecureBlackbox Professional

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