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Specifies the contents of the "Reply-To:" header field if it is present.


    string ReplyTo;

    Property ReplyTo As String

    property ReplyTo: WideString;

    void get_ReplyTo(sb_u16string &OutResult);
    void get_ReplyTo(std::wstring &OutResult);
    void set_ReplyTo(const sb_u16string &Value);
    void set_ReplyTo(const std::wstring &Value);

    string get_ReplyTo()
    void set_ReplyTo(string $Value)

    String getReplyTo();
    void setReplyTo(String Value);


    This property specifies the addresses to which the replies to the message should be sent. This field is optional. If not specified, the replies must be sent to the addresses specified in the From field.

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