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Specifies whether authentication is used when connecting to HTTP Proxy server.


    TElWebTunnelAuthentication WebTunnelAuthentication;

    Property WebTunnelAuthentication As TElWebTunnelAuthentication

    property WebTunnelAuthentication : TElWebTunnelAuthentication;

    TElWebTunnelAuthentication get_WebTunnelAuthentication();
    void set_WebTunnelAuthentication(TElWebTunnelAuthentication Value);

    integer get_WebTunnelAuthentication()
    void set_WebTunnelAuthentication(integer $Value)



    This property specifies the method of authentication to use with HTTP Proxy server. The methods supported are "do not authenticate" and "authenticate using UserId and Password".
    This property is used only when UseWebTunneling is set.
    Default value is wtaNoAuthentication.

See also:     UseWebTunneling     WebTunnelUserId     WebTunnelPassword    

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