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Specifies a time period during which the client will try to establish socket connection to server


    int SocketTimeout;

    Property SocketTimeout As Integer

    property SocketTimeout: Integer;

    int32_t get_SocketTimeout();
    void set_SocketTimeout(int32_t Value);

    integer get_SocketTimeout()
    void set_SocketTimeout(integer $Value)

    int getSocketTimeout();
    void setSocketTimeout(int Value);


    Use this property to specify a timeout (in milliseconds) for socket connections. This property is used for both control and data connections.
    If this property value is 0, the operation will expire after system-default timeout (which is 2 hrs 8 min for TCP stack).
    Default value is 60000 ms (1 min).

See also:     ListenTimeout     TransferTimeout    

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