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Recursively deletes files and directories.


    void RemoveFiles(string Path, string Mask, bool CaseSensitive, bool Recursive);
    void RemoveFiles(TElStringList List);
    void RemoveFiles(String[] List);

    Sub RemoveFiles(ByVal Path As String, ByVal Mask As String, ByVal CaseSensitive As Boolean, ByVal Recursive As Boolean)
    Sub RemoveFiles(ByVal List As TElStringList)
    Sub RemoveFiles(ByVal List As String[])

    procedure RemoveFiles(const Path, Mask : string; CaseSensitive : boolean; Recursive : boolean);
    procedure RemoveFiles(List : TStringList);

    void RemoveFiles(const std::string &Path, const std::string &Mask, bool CaseSensitive, bool Recursive);
    void RemoveFiles(TStrings &List);
    void RemoveFiles(TStrings *List);

    void RemoveFiles(string $Path, string $Mask, bool $CaseSensitive, bool $Recursive)
    void RemoveFiles(TStrings $List)


  • Path - path to search for files to be deleted.
  • Mask - the mask to match the files.
  • CaseSensitive - specifies whether filename matching [to mask] is case-sensitive.
  • Recursive - specifies if the subdirectories should also be scanned for matching files.
  • List - contains the list of files to be deleted.


    Use this method to recursively remove files or directories.

See also:     RemoveDir     RemoveFile    

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