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Processes file information string and saves information to TSBFTPFileInfo instance.


    static void ParseFileListEntry(string Entry, ref TSBFTPFileInfo FileInfo);
    static void ParseFileListEntry(string Entry, TElFTPFileInfo FileInfo);

    Shared Sub ParseFileListEntry(ByVal Entry As String, ByRef FileInfo As TSBFTPFileInfo)
    Shared Sub ParseFileListEntry(ByVal Entry As String, ByVal FileInfo As TElFTPFileInfo)

    class procedure ParseFileListEntry(const Entry : string; var FileInfo : TSBFTPFileInfo);
    class procedure ParseFileListEntry(const Entry : string; FileInfo : TElFTPFileInfo);

    static void ParseFileListEntry(const std::string &Entry, TSBFTPFileInfo &FileInfo);
    void ParseFileListEntry(const std::string &Entry, TElFTPFileInfo &FileInfo);
    void ParseFileListEntry(const std::string &Entry, TElFTPFileInfo *FileInfo);

    void ParseFileListEntry(string $Entry, TSBFTPFileInfo &$FileInfo)

    void parseFileListEntry(String Entry, TElFTPFileInfo FileInfo);
    static void parseFileListEntry(TElSimpleFTPSClient> this, String Entry, TSBFTPFileInfo FileInfo);


  • Entry - information string
  • FileInfo - variable into which information about a file will be saved
  • this -

FileType Values:


    Use this method to process file information string and save the information to TSBFTPFileInfo or (starting with SecureBlackbox 9) TElFTPFileInfo.
Usually information string looks as follows:
-rwxr-xr-x 1 mjos staff 348911 Mar 25 14:29 t-filexfer

See also:     GetFileList     GetNameList     ParseMLSDEntry    

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