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Provides list of files and subdirectories in the current directory.


    void MLSD();
    void MLSD(TElStringList ResultList);
    void MLSD(ArrayList ResultList);
    void MLSD(string Path);
    void MLSD(string Path, TElStringList ResultList);
    void MLSD(string Path, ArrayList ResultList);

    Sub MLSD()
    Sub MLSD(ByVal ResultList As TElStringList)
    Sub MLSD(ByVal ResultList As ArrayList)
    Sub MLSD(ByVal Path As String)
    Sub MLSD(ByVal Path As String, ByVal ResultList As TElStringList)
    Sub MLSD(ByVal Path As String, ByVal ResultList As ArrayList)

    procedure MLSD;
    procedure MLSD(ResultList: TStringList);
    procedure MLSD(ResultList: TList);
    procedure MLSD(const Path: string);
    procedure MLSD(const Path: string; ResultList: TStringList);
    procedure MLSD(const Path: string; ResultList: TList);

    void MLSD();
    void MLSD(TElStringList &ResultList);
    void MLSD(TElStringList *ResultList);
    void MLSD(TList &ResultList);
    void MLSD(TList *ResultList);
    void MLSD(const std::string &Path);
    void MLSD(const std::string &Path, TElStringList &ResultList);
    void MLSD(const std::string &Path, TElStringList *ResultList);
    void MLSD(const std::string &Path, TList &ResultList);
    void MLSD(const std::string &Path, TList *ResultList);

    void MLSD()
    void MLSD(TElStringList $ResultList)
    void MLSD(TList $ResultList)
    void MLSD(string $Path)
    void MLSD(string $Path, TElStringList $ResultList)
    void MLSD(string $Path, TList $ResultList)

    void mlsd();
    void mlsd(String Path, TElStringList ResultList);
    void mlsd(String Path, ArrayList ResultList);
    void mlsd(String Path);
    void mlsd(TElStringList ResultList);
    void mlsd(ArrayList ResultList);


  • ResultList - Container for the unparsed listing lines (objects with file information), which will be filled by the method.
  • Path - specifies the path to the directory to be listed.


    Use this method to get the contents of the current directory.
    The method executes MLSD command of FTP protocol. MLSD command is similar to LIST, but returns the information in standard machine-parsable format.

    Note, that not all servers support MLSD command (which is an extension of the standard). To check if the command is supported, inspect the value of ExtMLSTSupported property.

    During execution of this method the OnTextDataLine event is fired for each line of received reply. Overloaded methods return the listing via ResultList parameter, which can be a list of unparsed response line (the same as in OnTextDataLine event) or a list of TElFTPFileInfo objects.

    For a high-level listing method with advanced capabilities see ListDirectory.

See also:     MLST     GetFileList     ListDirectory     OnTextDataLine    

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