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Returns control sum of the file part.


    string GetRemoteChecksum(string AFileName, TSBFTPCheckMethod CheckMethod, long StartPoint, long EndPoint);

    Function GetRemoteChecksum(ByVal AFileName As String, ByVal CheckMethod As TSBFTPCheckMethod, ByVal StartPoint As Long, ByVal EndPoint As Long) As String

    function GetRemoteChecksum(const AFilename: string; CheckMethod: TSBFTPCheckMethod; const StartPoint: Int64 = -1; const EndPoint: Int64 = -1): string;

    void GetRemoteChecksum(const std::string &AFileName, TSBFTPCheckMethod CheckMethod, int64_t StartPoint, int64_t EndPoint, std::string &OutResult);

    string GetRemoteChecksum(string $AFileName, integer $CheckMethod, integer $StartPoint, integer $EndPoint)


  • FileName - file name
  • CheckMethod - method for checksum computation
  • StartPoint - segment start position from which the control sum is counted
  • EndPoint - segment ending position until which the control sum is counted. If both start and end positions are -1, then control sum of the whole file is counted.
  • AFileName - ...

Return value

    Control sum of file part on the server.


    Use this method to get control sum of the file part or the whole file on the server.

See also:     GetLocalChecksum    

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