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This event is fired when your software has to move current file pointer to the specified text line


    event TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent OnTextSeek;
    delegate void TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent(Object Sender, Object Data, long LineNumber, ref int ErrorCode, ref string Comment);

    Event OnTextSeek As TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent
    Delegate Sub TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent(ByVal Sender As Object, ByVal Data As Object, ByVal LineNumber As Long, ByRef ErrorCode As Integer, ByRef Comment As String)

    property OnTextSeek: TSBSFTPServerTextSeekEvent;
    TSBSFTPServerTextSeekEvent = procedure(Sender : TObject; const Data: pointer; LineNumber : Int64; var ErrorCode : integer; var Comment : string) of object;

    void get_OnTextSeek(TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent &pMethodOutResult, void * &pDataOutResult);
    void set_OnTextSeek(TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent pMethodValue, void * pDataValue);
    typedef void (SB_CALLBACK *TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent)(void * _ObjectData, TObjectHandle Sender, void * Data, int64_t LineNumber, int32_t &ErrorCode, char * pcComment, int32_t &szComment);

    TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent|callable|NULL get_OnTextSeek()
    void set_OnTextSeek(TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent|callable|NULL $Value)
    callable TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent(TObject $Sender, TSBPointer|NULL $Data, integer $LineNumber, integer &$ErrorCode, string &$Comment)

    TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent getOnTextSeek();
    void setOnTextSeek(TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent Value);
    TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent.Callback OnTextSeek = new TElSFTPServerTextSeekEvent.Callback() {
        public void TElSFTPServerTextSeekEventCallback(TObject Sender, TObject Data, long LineNumber, TSBInteger ErrorCode, TSBString Comment) {


  • Data - user data associated with the opened file
  • LineNumber - number of string which pointer must be moved to.
  • ErrorCode - the error code, see values below
  • Comment - server comment
  • pcComment - server comment
  • szComment - the length of pcComment.

Error codes values:


    This event is fired when current file pointer has to be moved to the specified string.
The application can return the error code in ErrorCode parameter and textual comment in Comment parameter.

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