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Specifies the long name of a file in a form of:


    string LongName;

    Property LongName As String

    property LongName : string;

    void get_LongName(std::string &OutResult);
    void set_LongName(const std::string &Value);

    string get_LongName()
    void set_LongName(string $Value)

    String getLongName();
    void setLongName(String Value);


    This read-only property contains expanded format for the file name, similar to what is returned by "ls -l" on Unix systems.
    The format of the this property is not defined by this protocol. It MUST be suitable for use in the output of a directory listing command (in fact, the recommended operation for a directory listing command is to simply display this data). However, clients SHOULD NOT attempt to parse the longname field for file attributes; they SHOULD use the Attributes property instead.
     Note, this property is not availablewhen using SFTP4 or later. The IETF working group dropped it because you can easily synthesize this if you need to display it to the user.

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