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Specifies if the file will be executed with rights of group


    bool GIDBit;

    Property GIDBit As Boolean

    property GIDBit: boolean;

    bool get_GIDBit();
    void set_GIDBit(bool Value);

    bool get_GIDBit()
    void set_GIDBit(bool $Value)

    boolean getGIDBit();
    void setGIDBit(boolean Value);


     This property contains one of permission bits. If it is True, it indicates that the file is executed with rights of group, to which the file owner belongs. If the file has GIDBit set to True on the remote system it does not necessarily imply that it should have this property as True on the local system.
     On directories, the set GID bit indicates that files in the directory should inherit group ownership from the directory instead of being set to Group ownership of the process that created the file.

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