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Contains extended attributes.


    TSBSftpExtendedAttribute ExtendedAttributes[int Index];

    Property ExtendedAttributes(ByVal Index As Integer) As TSBSftpExtendedAttribute

    property ExtendedAttributes[Index : integer] : TSBSftpExtendedAttribute;

    TSBSftpExtendedAttribute* get_ExtendedAttributes(int32_t Index);

    TSBSftpExtendedAttribute get_ExtendedAttributes(integer $Index)

    not available


  • Index - index of the extended attribute in the list.
  • ExtType -
  • ExtData -


    Each attribute is presented as type-data pair. For each of the attributes, ExtType field should be a string of the format "name@domain", where "domain" is a valid, registered domain name and "name" identifies the method. The interpretation of ExtData depends on the type. Implementations SHOULD ignore extended data fields that they do not understand.

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