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This field, taken together with AttribBits, reflect various attributes of the file or directory, on the server.


    uint AttribBitsValid;

    Property AttribBitsValid As UInt32

    property AttribBitsValid : Cardinal;

    uint32_t get_AttribBitsValid();
    void set_AttribBitsValid(uint32_t Value);

    integer get_AttribBitsValid()
    void set_AttribBitsValid(integer $Value)

    int getAttribBitsValid();
    void setAttribBitsValid(int Value);



    Bits not set in this property are ignored in the AttribBits property. This allows both the server and the client to communicate only the bits it knows about without inadvertently twiddling bits they don't understand.
    This feature is supported since version 5 of the SFTP protocol.

See also:     AttribBits    

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